LinkedIn Premium Company Page

LinkedIn Releases New Premium Company Page

July 01, 20242 min read

LinkedIn officially launched its new Premium Company Page subscription in June.

This is great news for small businesses and professional services aiming to grow their brand, connect with potential clients and customers, and find exceptional talent for their teams.

What is the new LinkedIn Premium Company Page?

The LinkedIn Premium Company Page is a subscription service that allows companies and small businesses to enhance their LinkedIn presence with exclusive features and tools. LinkedIn Premium Company Page subscription is different from LinkedIn Premium Business.

Premium Tools and Features

  • Custom Call-to-Action Button: Page admins can customize their CTA button at the top of their LinkedIn page.

  • Who's Visited My Page: Page admins can see eligible members who have visited their page.

  • Custom Testimonials: Companies can highlight client testimonials at the top of their page.

  • Credibility Highlights: Businesses can showcase recent awards, certifications, recognitions, and press mentions in the About section, search results, and at the top of the page.

  • AI-Powered Post Writing Assistance: Page managers can use AI to optimize posts, saving time and allowing more engagement with the audience.

  • Auto-Invite Engaged Members to Follow Your Page: The page can automatically invite people who have engaged with your content to follow your page, regardless of their connection degree.

  • LinkedIn Premium Logo: A gold LinkedIn IN logo will appear at the top right of your Page header.

These features help small businesses and professional services bolster their LinkedIn presence and achieve their growth goals.

How much is the subscription fee?

Subscription fee starts at $99 monthly.

Should you get one?

The Premium Company Page subscription is worth considering for businesses that rely heavily on LinkedIn for lead generation. It helps set your company apart on the platform and boost in-app presence. However, whether these premium tools add significant value to your marketing strategy depends on your specific business needs.

LinkedInpremium company pageLinkedIn Premium Company Page
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